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Overview CISCO Jabber Client

Overview CISCO Jabber Client

General overview when you open the CISCO Jabber Client or have selected the contact icon:

1Your profile and settingsAccess to your profile information and settings
Also possibility to log out and set your status.
2ContactsTo open an overview of your contacts
3ChatOpen the chat overview to chat with others. 
(You can find more about the chat functions at the overview for the chat view).
4RoomsYou can join and create chat rooms using the room icon. (More about the room functions can be found at the overview for the rooms view.)
5CallsHere you can find the call list of Jabber. Note that this list only shows calls that have been actively anticipated with the Jabber client.
Calls via the CISCO phone when not connected to Jabber are not listed. 
(More about the features provided can be found at the overview for the calls view.)
6CalendarTo open an overview of your scheduled meetings
7VoicemailHerewith you open your answering machine.
(More about the functions offered can be found at the overview for the voicemail view.)
8Hunt groupsHere you can log in and out of hunt groups. 
(You can find out how to do this in the instructions for hunt groups.)
9Call listUnlike (5) Calls, all calls including missed calls of the phone and jabber are displayed here
10TC-PortalHere you get direct access to the TC portal without opening a browser.
11Connect iconTo connect to other devices
17GearAccess to the settings menus
 Contact View Functions 
12Search or callUsing the input field, you can search for contacts or directly enter a number and call.
13Plus buttonOpens a window with a list of your contacts where you will be able to select a contact and start a conversation with it.
14GroupsYou have the possibility to group your contacts. By clicking the arrow the contacts in a group will be hidden or displayed.
15Your numberIf you click on your name or number, you will get a view where all your numbers can be displayed and selected.
16Call settingsHere you can connect the CISCO Jabber client to your desk phone and set up forwarding.

Chat View:

1InformationInformation about the selected contact
2CallTo call the selected contact
3OptionsHere you get access to further options, for example appointment, screen transmission and person overview of the chat.
4Send fileTo send a file from your computer
5ScreenshotHerewith you can select an area of your screen and send it as an image file.
6Text settingsTo change the font, color and size of your typeface
7EmoticonsTo choose from a list of emoticons and insert them into your text
8ReferAllows you to refer to another contact and send contact information.
9External screenOpening the chat in an external window

Room View:

1Room selectionHere you can select whether only your rooms or all rooms should be displayed. In addition, filter settings can be found here.
2ReloadReloading all rooms
3New roomHere you can create a new chat room.
4JoinIf you have found a group you would like to join, you can do it by clicking this button.

Calls view:

1Call selectionHere you can choose which calls are displayed: 
all , all incoming, all outgoing or missed calls.
2Line selectionIf you can be reached under several numbers, you can select here which lines should be displayed.
3KeypadTo open a keypad that allows you to enter a number and call it
4Add contactIf you press on a call in the call list, you can add the person directly herewith.
5CallStarting a recall

Calendar view:

1Day selectionHere you can select the day you want to have displayed. Immediately below, all events on this day will be displayed.
2ReloadTo load newly created events into the Jabber client if they have not been transferred automatically yet
3Date overviewHere you will find all available information of a clicked on appointment.
4attendee listIf you have selected an appointment, you can additionally view all participants via the participant list

Voicemail view:


1Call selectionHere you can choose whether all entries, unheard, sent or deleted entries should be displayed.
2Voicemail buttonTo record a voice message and send it directly to a contact as a voicemail
3Call voicemailCalling your voicemail
4PlayTo play the message
5ReplayReplay the message from the beginning
6ReplyRecording a voice message and send it back as a reply
7More optionsOpens a small menu that allows you, for example, to delete the message, go to the contact's chat or mark the message as unread.

Call List view:

1FilterHere you can filter the displayed calls.
2ReloadTo reload the displayed calls
3Reset flterTo reset the set filter
4NotificationSelecting whether notifications should be activated or deactivated
5Delete allTo delete your call list
6CallAllows you to call back the displayed number.

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