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Recording an Individual Greeting for the Voicebox (Windows)

Recording an Individual Greeting for the Voicebox (Windows)


A default voicebox greeting is a standard greeting. If you want to record an individual greeting, please follow the steps below.

Press the voicebox button to access the voicebox. 

  Das Bild zeigt das Voicebox-Symbol

Click on call voicemail to access the configuration menu.

Das Bild zeigt die Option "Sprachbox anrufen"

Follow the instructions:

  • enter your voicebox PIN and confirm with "#"
  • press 4 to choose set-up options 
  • press 1 to change the greeting
  • choose a greeting language
  • choose a kind of the greeting you want to record
  • press 1 for recording

last changed on 11/22/2023

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