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Activating softphone-mode in the TK-Portal

Activating softphone-mode in the TK-Portal


In order to use Jabber in Softphone-Mode, this function needs to be activated in the RWTH TK-Portal


To do this, navigate to the portal using this link: TK-Portal.


1. Change the view mode from Standard to Advanced by clicking CHANGE(1).  

2. Now activate the Softphone-Mode by clicking on the appropriate slider for the device to be used:                   

2a: Jabber-Client Desktop (Windows/MAC) Softphone-Mode

2b: Jabber-Client Android Softphone-Mode

2c: Jabber-Client iPhone Softphone-Mode

2d: Jabber-Client Tablet Softphone-Mode

last changed on 07/14/2022

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