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General information

Welcome to the new phone system


Within the framework of the network modernisation at RWTH Aachen University, one component is the procurement of a pure VoIP telephone system. The suppliers had to meet hard criteria regarding data security and sustainability. Accordingly, important aspects of the tender are to be emphasized:

All data paths between the components of the telephone system must be encrypted according to the state of the art.
All centrally managed end devices must be fully functional in pure IPv6 networks.
After the tendering process, RWTH Aachen University purchased a telephone system of the type Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or CUCM for short.

With the installation of the new telephone system, a paradigm shift will take place: In the previous Alcatel Lucent telephone system, telephone numbers were bound to telephones; in the CUCM telephone system, telephone numbers are bound to a person. This opens up additional possibilities for the user to create flexible communication independently. 


Advantages for employees

  • Mobile accessibility under the business phone number even outside the RWTH
  • Individual definition of personal availability times through forwarding
  • Self-management by users
    • Reduction of waiting times for users
    • Activation and deactivation of individual features

All this through the new TC portal and CISCO Jabber.


Main functional features

  • Hardware phones, software client for PCs, mobile client for smartphones
  • Video telephony on all platforms
  • CTI (control and integration of software client with phones)
  • Call lists of incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Contact list, chat function, display of presence information
  • Full encryption
  • Blocking and protection by PINs/passwords
  • No call forwarding to cell phone necessary

Softphone CISCO Jabber

  • The Jabber is a software for your PC, laptop and smartphone.
  • Simplify your home office with the Jabber
  • Connect the Jabber to your work number instead of using your private number

How to download Jabber and sign up is explained step by step in the following instructions:

Download the Jabber client
Activation of the softphone in the TK-Portal
Login to Jabber (Windows)