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Reporting a Telephone Fault

Reporting a Telephone Fault


Faults can be reported:

In order to solve the problem as soon as possible, we need the following information:

  • Institution:
  • Building address:
  • Floor:
  • Room number:
  • Name of the reporter:
  • Type of telephone/fax:
  • Call number of the faulty connection:
  • Working number for return calls:
  • Short error description:
  • Date/Time:
  • Additionally in case of faults of Cisco phones:
    • MAC address of the phone (not the WiFi MAC) or serial number
    • switch or socket number

On-call service

Please contact the IT-ServiceDesk during the time period 07:30 a.m. to 6:00 PM using the telephone number: 0241 80-24680

After 6:00 PM and only in urgent cases, the on-call service "telecommunication network" can be reached solely during the time periods mentioned below via the service call number 21112 from a telephone of the university telephone system.

Day of week


End (potentially next day)

Monday - Thursday

6:00 PM

07:30 a.m.


6:00 PM







07:30 a.m. (Monday)

last changed on 04/28/2023

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