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Forwarding Using CISCO Telephones

Forwarding Using CISCO Telephones


CISCO Telephone

To set up call forwarding in the telephone, click the Call forwarding softkey on the telephone. To do this, please use the corresponding hardware key under the displayed button.

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After pressing forwarding you will get to the normal dialing field where you can enter the target phone number.
Please use the following syntax:
  • XXXXX (RWTH number)
  • external numbers with a leading 0(0151xxxxxxxx)
Using this setup method will always forward all received calls.
After entering the number, the system will briefly check for availability
and confirm your selection with an audio signal.
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You can check for currently active fowarding using the following rules:

  • The field at (1) shows the target number.
  • The name line also contains the forwarding symbol (2).

Pressing the forwarding button (3) again will cancel the active forwarding rule.

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last changed on 11/22/2023

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