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Information on the Ownership Status of Telephone Terminals

Information on the Ownership Status of Telephone Terminals


The IT Center is responsible for managing the telephone terminals. By network renewal, a 1:1 replacement will be provided in line with the previous stock. The existing stock of obsolete terminals will be dismantled. The replacement procurement for the entire RWTH Aachen University is covered by a funding application and the approval of the state of NRW. The users will therefore not be financially burdened by the new equipment (1:1).

It is not possible to compensate for any end devices financed in the past or current shortfalls in telephone end devices.

Even if fewer telephone terminals are desired or required, costs are incurred for the use of device licenses.

In the event of additional requirements, the additional costs must be borne by the user. Payment is not made for the end device itself, but for its provision. This includes the end device incl. license and replacement in the event of a defective end device.

The loss of end devices must be financially compensated by the respective institution (replacement value).

last changed on 06/11/2024

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