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Overview TK-Portal

Overview TK-Portal


You can switch between the English and German interface at the top right of the page.

The "General settings", "Deskphone" and "Webex" menus can be hidden or displayed by clicking on the respective title bar.

Clicking on the Info symbol symbol next to any function will display additional information about the respective function.



General Settings

  • Email address

This address is synchronised from the Identity Management system (IdM)

  • Call forwards

Forwarding of incoming calls in certain situations

  • Call waiting

Accepting additional calls while already in a call

  • Voicebox

Answering machine

  • Language for desk phone and softphones

Language in which the desk telephone and softphones are operated.



  • PIN for Telephone/Voicebox

This PIN is required to log in to the answering machine.

  • Speed dials

Quickly select saved phone numbers using your desk phone.

  • Phone buttons

This feature is currently in development.



  • Softphone client Desktop

Phone via the Webex desktop client.

  • Softphone client Android

Phone via the Webex Android client.

  • Softphone client iPhone

Phone via the Webex iPhone client.

  • Softphone client Tablet

Phone via the Webex client on a tablet.


last changed on 04/16/2024

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