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Setting up Forwarding on the Phone (Voicebox)

Setting up Forwarding on the Phone (Voicebox)


Setting up Forwarding on the phone (Voicebox)
In order to activate call forwarding on your phone, click on the call forwarding softkey. Simply press the corresponding physical button corresponding to the menu option.Unity Voicebox 14
After pressing call forwarding you will get to the dialing field where you can enter the destination number.
To forward to voicemail now, click the voicebox button.
This sets up the forwarding to the voicemail.
Unity Voicebox 15
You can check whether your calls are being forwarded in the following way:
  • The voicemail (1) field shows the destination of the forwarding.
  • Directly in front of the name of your line there is also the call forwarding symbol (2).
Call forwarding can be deactivated again by pressing the call forwarding off button (3).
Unity Voicebox 16

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