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Manager-Secretary Function (Jabber)

Manager-Secretary Function (Jabber)


Please Note:

This function is only available in RWTH networks or when using a VPN to connect to the university network. 

The manager-secretary function allows the secretary to use the CISCO Jabber client to remotely control the device of their manager in order to manage call redirections.
Should the manager have redirected their calls to the secretary, they can still send calls through to the manager (after confirmation).
This works as follows:

The first step is to select a device to be remotely controlled.
Please click on the green telephone symbol in the lower right hand corner of the Jabber client.
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Now select the manager’s device as the device for calls (1)
The drop-down list (2) may vary in length based on the amount of managers in the system.
The naming convention for the phones is as follows:
Cisco 8865 - Room number | Name of the User | Building number
Please select the appropriate device from the list by clicking on it.
You now have remote access to that device.
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The currently selected device will be displayed by the number on the bottom of the client. To set up a call redirection, click on redirect calls -> none (1).
Select line (2) by hovering over it with the cursor. Enter the number you want to redirect to in the field New number (3) (e.g: number of the secretary’s office).

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This will open a new window to enter the number.
Possible number formats:

  • XXXXX (RWTH direct line)
  • external Numbers with a leading 0 (00151xxxxxxxx)
  • or external Numbers in the E.164-Format (+49151xxxxxx)
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If you have already saved the number once and need to set the forwarding again because it has been taken out, you do not need to enter it again, but can reuse the existing entry.
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You can deactivate currently active call forwarding by simply clicking on the symbol indicated by the Jabber client.Chef-Sek-Schaltung 6

last changed on 21.06.2021

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