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Webex offers the possibility of barrier-free communication.


Standards and improvements for accessibility

For more information on accessibility compliance in meetings, webinars and events, see the Webex Meetings Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates .

Support for the visually impaired

Webex provides limited support for accessibility features for the visually impaired that apply to all desktop and web applications.

  •     The application supports the high-contrast scheme of the Windows operating system
  •     The application supports the zoom functionality of the operating system

Support for screen readers

We are testing Webex Meetings to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the Freedom Scientific JAWS screen reader.

  •     All keyboard shortcuts for the Meetings desktop app work with screen readers.
  •     Screen readers cannot read content from shared presentations, shared applications and shared desktops.

You can specify which notifications your screen reader should announce. For more information, see Specify which notifications your screen reader announces .

Keyboard shortcuts

On Windows and MacOS, you can use Tab or Shift + Tab to navigate in the meeting window. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation:

  •     F6 - Switch between the pane and the main window.
  •     Ctrl + Tab - Switches between several open areas.

Keyboard shortcuts are available in the Meetings desktop app, but not in the web app. The web app offers limited support for accessibility features, which only applies to low vision support.

Common key combinations - General

ToKey Combination
SearchCtrl + F
Go to MessagingCtrl + 1
Go to TeamsCtrl + 2
Go to ContactsCtrl + 3
Go to CallsCtrl + 4
Go to MeetingsCtrl + 5
Go to Voice mailboxCtrl + 7
Help CenterF1
Search for key combinationsCtrl + /

Common keyboard shortcuts in meetings and calls

ToKey Combination
Accept callCtrl + Shift + C
Leave or end meeting or callCtrl + L
Reject callCtrl + D
Reject call and reply with text messageCtrl + Alt + A
Transfer callAlt + T
Mute or unmute yourself.Ctrl + M
Share contentCtrl + Shift + D
Start or stop sharingShift + Alt + S
Add guestCtrl + Alt + G
Activate or deactivate subtitlesCtrl + Shift + A

Standard key combinations

If you move the mouse pointer over a keyboard shortcut control to which a keyboard shortcut has been assigned, the keyboard shortcut is displayed in the tooltip.

Key CombinationFunction
Ctrl + MMute your audio or switch on the mute function.
Ctrl + Shift + VStart or pause video.
Shift + F10
  • Use right-click menus in the following areas and elements::
    • "Participants" area
    • Chat area
    • Notes area (meetings)
    • Questions and answers area (events (classic) and webinars)
    •  Subtitle area
    • File transfer window
    • Shared whiteboard and file tabs
  • Work with the participant list.
  • Copy text from chat/area.
Ctrl+ Shift + EExclude a participant from the meeting, webinar or event.
Ctrl+ Shift+ IShow or hide the names in the video.
Ctrl+ Shift+ FSet the font size for the whiteboard.
Ctrl+ Shift+ NAdd a whiteboard page.
Ctrl+ Shift+ ODelete a pointer.
Ctrl+ Shift+ EntfDelete all pointers.
Ctrl+ Shift+ RRaise or lower your hand.
Ctrk+ Shift+ TTransfer a file.
Ctrl+ DelDelete all comments on the whiteboard.
Ctrl+ TabSwitch between tab and area views.
You can switch between the tabs in the following dialog boxes:
  • Invite and remind
  • Meeting settings
  • Participant privileges
F6Switch between the content area and the section area.
Alt + EnterActivate or deactivate full screen mode when you share a document.
Ctrl+ Shift+ PShow or hide participants without video.
Ctrl+ Shift+ Alt + XShow or hide participant videos.
Ctrk+ Shift+ YSynchronize the display of a split page, a split slide or a split whiteboard so that everyone has the same view.
Ctrl+ Shift+ HShow or hide the menu bar.
Ctrl+ EOpen or close the chat area.
Ctrl+ KAssign privileges to the participants.
Ctrl+ PManage subtitles.
Ctrl+ Shift+ KActivate or deactivate the screen reader notifications for new chat messages.
Ctrl+ Shift+ MSwitch between intelligent Webex audio: Optimize for own voice, remove noise, music mode.
Ctrl+ /Open the settings for the shortcut keys.
Ctrl+ 0Customize shared content to the viewer.
Ctrl+ 2Change the size of the areas to 20 %.
Ctrl+ 3Change the size of the areas to 30 %.
Ctrl+ 4Change the size of the areas to 40 %.
Ctrl+ 5Change the size of the areas to 50 %.
Ctrl+ BShare a web browser.
Ctrl+ LLeave or end the meeting.
Ctrl+ NLock or unlock the meeting.
Ctrl+ OBrowse to open and share a file.
Ctrl+ TShow or hide thumbnail sidebar.
Ctrl+ Shift+ UMute all subscribers.
Ctrl+ Shift+ L
(Hosts and co-hosts only)
Lower all raised hands.
Ctrl+ Shift+ SAllow all participants to share content.
Ctrl+ Shift+ GAllow participants from the lobby.
Ctrl+ Shift+ ASwitch subtitles on or off.
Ctrl+ Shift+ DShare your desktop.
Ctrl+ Shift+ BShare a whiteboard.
Ctrl+ Shift+ ZEnd sharing.
Ctrl+ Shift+ WAdjust shared content to width.
Ctrl+ Shift+ <Turn the page to the left while sharing a file.
Ctrl+ Shift+ >Turn the page to the right when splitting a file.
Ctrl+ Shift+ AltShow the meeting controls during sharing.
Ctrk+ Shift+ QShow or hide the meeting controls, areas and notifications while sharing.
EscCancel an action or close active windows, menus, areas or notifications and screen sharing.
F1Access the Webex Meetings Help.
Page upReturn to the previous slide during file sharing.
Page downSwitch to the next slide during file sharing.
Alt + F4Close all dialog boxes.
Ctrl+ ACopy text from chat/area.
Ctrl+ +Enlarge during sharing.
Ctrl+ -Reduce during sharing.
Ctrl+ WClose a shared file.
Ctrl+ ZUndoes the last action.
Ctrl+ YRepeat the last action.
Alt + Shift+ WOpen the dialog box for simultaneous interpreting.
Alt + Shift+ HSwitch the output language for simultaneous interpreting.
Only the interpreter has a target language.
Alt + Shift+ RRemote control

Further information on accessibility can be found in the Webex Help Center.


last changed on 11/16/2023

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