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Creating and Deleting a Voicebox

Creating and Deleting a Voicebox


The Voicebox works as an answering machine. Its settings can be changed in the TK-Portal, provided that the number is assigned to a person. Voiceboxes for shared numbers can be set up on request by the IT Center.


Enabling the Voicebox in the General settings menu

You can set up your Voicebox or deactivate it again by clicking on the gear next to the Voicebox function.


The Voicebox settings dialogue

A pop-up will open with the Voicebox settings. You can choose whether the Voicebox is enabled and whether callers are able to leave a voice message.


The Voicebox has a green border in the menu once it is active

You should now be able to see that the Voicebox is active in the general settings.

last changed on 01/29/2024

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