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Setting up a Conference via the TK-Portal

Setting up a Conference via the TK-Portal


Please Note:

Due to circumstances caused by the Covid-pandemic, this service is currently partially available.
If you are interested and have not yet received access automatically, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk (

The CISCO Meeting Server (CMS) allows video and audio conferences using RWTH systems.
These meetings can be joined using a phone, SIP-Services, or a web browser. 


To create a conference, call up the conference portal.You will find an overview of your created conferences, as well as permanent conferences for which you have administrative privileges.
Then click the button start conference.Konferenz erstellen

This window allows you to set the parameters for the new conference:

Conference name: Name of the conference
Quality: Select Video quality (SD / HDready / HD)
Video order: Defines the order of participant video screens
Participant Limit: Enter the maximum number of meeting participants
Start: Start date/time
End: End date/time

After clicking on create conference to confirm the chosen options,
you will be returned to the conference overview page.

Konferenz erstellen 2
The overview will now show all relevant information for the new conference.Übersicht Konferenzen 1

last changed on 04/16/2024

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