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Migration steps on the day of changeover

Migration steps on the day of changeover


The following steps were taken on the day of changeover in order to migrate to a new telephone system.

Due to the switchover, telephone accessibility will be unavailable for some time. This period depends on your own preparation (registration), the available infrastructure and other factors.


1) Increase availability

If possible, Softphone should be active prior to migration.

2) Set up call forwarding

Our colleagues will gladly help with the rollout. In this step, on-site personnel will set up call forwarding from your current number to the new system.

Programming call forwarding on an Alcatel phone:

*11 706 XXXXX

Should your softphone already be set up, you will now be available there.

3) Disabling the old Device

The old telephone will now be removed by out colleagues.

4) Setup of the new Device

Our colleagues will set up the new desk phone. This process includes several steps, as well as possibly laying new cable paths. If there are any errors concerning network infrastructure, the colleagues of the Network Operation Center (NOC) will be consulted.

5) Testing & Documentation

The functionality of the new device will briefly be tested, and the new installation and placement documented.

6) Login

Log in  to you new device. This should fully restore your availability via telephone.

7) Finalizing

After the installation has concluded, the administrators will finalize the process and delete your old phone number and device from the old system. The call forwarding necessary for migration will also be removed from the new system. The migration will be documented in the routers of our main hub, in order to connect incoming calls as directly as possible. Under certain circumstances this process could take several days after the installation itself.


Instructions on how to register for the Cisco telephone system can be found here.

last changed on 06/11/2024

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