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Manager-Secretary Function

Manager-Secretary Function

To activate the Mang-Sec function, you must first call up the corresponding menu with the Mang-Sec Softkey on the telephone (please note that the name may vary).

If you do not have this key, please press the cogwheel on the phone, you can then find and select your Chef-Sec circuit in the menu that opens.

If you have called up the Mang-Sec Function menu, you will see a list of participants in this switching.

In the picture on the right, the executive mang-sec funtion is currently deactivated (Weiterleitung ist deaktiviert). This means that calls go straight to the Manager. To activate the mang-sec function, use the control wheel on the phone to select Aktiv schalten and then press the Select button below.

In the example image, the calls are then forwarded to secretary B, this is indicated by the keyword Aktiv in front of the relevant person.
You will now be shown that your calls are being forwarded to Secretary B.

If the calls are to be forwarded to someone else, you can use the steering wheel on the phone to select either your name or the name of another employee and then confirm with select.

When you have done this, calls will be forwarded to the selected person. In the example now Secretary A.
To deactivate the mang-sec function, simply use the control pad on the phone to select Inaktiv schalten. If you confirm this, calls will be put through directly to the Manager as long as you do not reactivate the mang-sec function.

last changed on 08/24/2021

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