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Invitation to a Conference

Invitation to a Conference


Please Note:

Due to circumstances caused by the Covid-pandemic, this service is currently partially available.
If you are interested and have not yet received access automatically, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk (

The CISCO Meeting Server (CMS) allows video and audio conferences using RWTH systems.
These meetings can be joined using a phone, SIP-Services, or a web browser. 


You can send the access data to the participants of your conference via the letter symbol in the overview.Einladung versenden 1
The invitation then looks as follows and can be sent by clicking on Send as e-mail button (4).
The email will contain three access options:
1.    SIP end device via the SIP URI (1)
2.    access via a web browser (2)
3.    dial-in via telephone (3)
Einladung versenden 2

last changed on 11/22/2023

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