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Joining a Conference Call Using the CISCO Telephone

Joining a Conference Call Using the CISCO Telephone


A direct conference using the Cisco Telephone System allows a maximum number of 4 simultaneous video/audio participants. Sharing Desktops is currently not possible.


Joining a conference via CISCO phone

There are two methods to dial into a conference with your CISCO phone:

Joining via the CTI function:

You use the CTI function of Jabber and control your phone with it. You can recognize this by the small green phone icon in the bottom bar.
The joining works like with CISCO Jabber. For more details, see Joining a conference using CISCO Jabber.

Joining via the SIP-URI:

You can dial the SIP-URI directly on the phone by entering the number part of the conference room (SIP-URI: [conference number] Then change the view by pressing the 2 dots.Videokonfernezen 14
Change the input method by pressing the ABC key on T9.Videokonfernezen 15

Complete the entry of the number to be joined via the telephone keys.
Then change the view again via the 2 dots.

Videokonfernezen 16
 After completing the input, select the Call button.Videokonfernezen 17

It is also possible to store the SIP-URI as a speed dial via the TK-Portal. The corresponding syntax can be found in the following figure.


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