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Meeting Functions

Meeting Functions


Overview of the meeting functions.

(1) Show subtitles

Here you can turn the subtitle for the current meeting on or off.

(2) Mute

Participants can mute their microphone for the meeting here.

(3) Video

Turn video on or off.

(4) Sharing content

Content can be shared in a meeting here, e.g. Excel spreadsheets, websites, documents
Each participant can share content in a meeting.

(5) Raise a hand

Click on the hand signal symbol to indicate to the host that you would like to speak.

(6) Reactions

This function is available to all meeting participants. You can select various reactions, e.g. thumbs up, clap, thumbs down..

(7) Other options

Participants can make various options here, e.g. change audio, invite and remind, copy meeting link, move meeting to mobile device.

(8) End meeting

Click here to leave or end the meeting.

(9) Start applications

You can start various applications.

(10) Participants in the meeting

This function shows who is participating in the current meeting. The host can mute participants and switch off their video.

(11) Chat Space

Here messages can be sent to all participants in the meeting.

(12) Space Options

Questions and answers, protocols and surveys can be created here.

(13) Meeting Info

The meeting information contains further details about the meeting. Here you can copy the meeting link and see who the host is and it can also people be invited and reminded of the meeting.

(14) Menu Toolbar

The menu bar can either be shown or hidden.

(15) Duration of the meeting

The duration of the meeting so far is displayed here.



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