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Logout of a Hunting Group

Logout of a Hunting Group


Please note:

If you are not a member of a Hunting Group, the following information does not apply to you.

As long as you are a member of a hunting group, you will automatically be logged in and participate in that group.
This documentation is only for users who are in hunting groups with their primary number. Those who are connected to groups with a secondary line are not subject to this information.
It is important to note that logging in or out of hunting groups has to be done separately for each client you use. If you, for example, sign out of a group in Jabber on Windows, all other clients (Telephone, Android Jabber, MAC Jabber, IOS Jabber) will still be logged in to that group.


In order to log out of a hunting group, follow these steps:


The hunting group segment is marked by the symbol of overlapping squares (1).
Head to this point and click on the sign out button (2).

Abmelden Sammelanschluss Windows


You can find the hunting group by clicking on your initials in the top left of the app.


Sammelanschluss Android
To log out, simply click the slider.Abmelden Sammelanschluss Android

last changed on 07/14/2022

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