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Cisco Jabber Chatraum

Cisco Jabber Chatraum

CISCO Jabber Chatroom

The chatroom offers a possibility to exchange with colleagues via text message. Unlike direct one-to-one chat, messages in a chat room are stored permanently and are not deleted. This also means that the messages are synchronized across the different Jabber products (Windows, Android, Mac,iOS).

Create chatroom:

If you have not yet joined a chatroom or would like to create a new one, first click on the chatroom button (1).
Then you can switch to the filter My rooms (2) to All rooms.
In the view that follows, you will see a list of all chat rooms, through which you can scroll.
Alternatively, you can create your own room by clicking the blue New room button.
After clicking New room, a new window opens where you can define the room settings:
  • Name: Name of the room.
  • Description: What is it about.
  • Typ (This setting cannot changed after creation):
    • Public (Anyone can find and join the room).
    • Restricted (Users must request access to the room).
  • Location: Leave this field empty.
  • Selection field: Add to „My rooms“ is optional.
  • Moderators: Here you can define the moderators who will manage the room with yours.
  • A password can also be set optionally.
After setting the parameters click the Create button to create the room.
After clicking on Create, a new window opens, through which members can be added to the room during creation. However, this can also be done later.

Manage chatrooms:

To manage the room now, click the small i next to the room name.

The information menu then opens and you can make changes or display the information depending on the authorization level.

Here you can now add new moderators or remove people already in the list by deleting them. 
Deleting a moderator also removes them from the room.

You add new members via the green plus at Members.

After clicking on the green plus, the window for adding members will open.

Using the search field you can search for the name of the person you want to add.

After you have selected the appropriate people, click Save.
The persons will automatically receive a notification that they have been added to the room.

To manage and to remove members there are two options:

Option 1:
You can display the list of people in the room by clicking on the 3 dots (1) next to the room at the top and clicking on the Open list icon (2).
The view will be extended by the list on the right side (see screenshot).

By right-clicking on a participant, you can open a context menu for this person and remove the person from the room.

Option 2:
This option is restricted only for chatrooms of the type.
Open the room overview again via the information icon.
You have the option by the member list to select a member from the room:

  • Blocking (1)
  • Removing from the room (2).

Chatroom permissions:

  • The creator of a room is also always the administrator.
  • The administrator can change the room attributes:
    • Changing password
    • Deleting the room
    • Adding or removing moderators
    • Adding or removing users
    • Changing the participant limit
  • The moderator can add new participants and remove existing ones.
  • The participant can write and receive messages, but has no administrative rights for a room.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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