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Creating a Conference Call using the Cisco Telephone

Creating a Conference Call using the Cisco Telephone


A direct conference using the Cisco Telephone System allows a maximum number of 4 simultaneous video/audio participants. Sharing Desktops is currently not possible.


Starting a conference using CISCO phones


You can initiate a conference via the telephone as follows:

To be able to call the first participant and to start a conversation, you must press the conference button on the phone.Videokonfernezen 5
To add a second participant to the conference, you need to type his/her number using the search function.Videokonfernezen 6
After entering the number, press the Conference button to add the participant and to start a conference.
Repeat the process for a third participant.
Videokonfernezen 7
If you want to add more than 4 (creator + 3 others) participants to a conference, you will get the following advice.Videokonfernezen 8

last changed on 05/15/2024

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