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Information on Unplugging Telephone Terminals and Office Switches

Information on Unplugging Telephone Terminals and Office Switches


The newly installed Cisco telephones should remain on their respective workstations. These, as well as all other devices and cables should NEVER be unplugged by the end-user, even on days off or holidays. The devices could be damaged if they are manually plugged in or unplugged, and we will not be able to provide a cost-neutral replacement in that case.

Additionally, we must ask that devices are neither moved within their respective rooms, nor removed from them.

There is detailed documentation on the locations of the individual telephone terminals. The IT Center needs this in order to be able to react as quickly as possible in the event of support. This documentation is also available to the university police station (113), for example to provide the emergency services with information on the location from which an emergency call was made.

Feel free to contact your Network Contact Person in case your device needs to be moved, so that the corresponding TK request can be made (Electronic Telephone Request).

Please report any faults to the IT Service Desk.

last changed on 06/11/2024

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