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Speed Dials

Speed Dials


Setting up Speed Dials

You can set up the speed dials on your telephone via the TK-Portal.

Activating speed dials

On your overview in the TK-Portal, please activate the Speed dial via the slider.

Speed dials

A new window will open where you can set up your speed dials.
To do this, press the + add button.


Select the parameters for your new speed dials:

  • Speed dial: 1-99 (maximum of 99 possible speed dials)
  • Name: Name of the speed dial
  • Number: Field for the number of the target of the speed dial. Uses the international format, and will only accept numbers in this format, e.g. "+492418024680"

Click on refresh to save your selection.
If you want to change your speed dials or add more after saving, click on the gear icon in the line for speed dial destinations.
A maximum of 99 speed dials can be set up.


Using speed dials:

To be able to use the speed dials on the phone, the following 3 options are available:

Speed dial vial Button:

Control pad on the phone

To do this, press down on the control pad on your phone.
Then the list of your speed dials is displayed and you can scroll through them using the control pad 


To make a call, press the silver button in the center of the control pad or the Call button.
The call will start immediately.


Speed dial via KWCodes:

The second way to use speed dials is via the corresponding number.

Dialing view

Type the speed dial number of your contact on the telephone keypad.
The display will change and a menu item with 2 dots will appear at the bottom right. If you press on these 2 dots, you can change the view and reach a second function page where you can select KWCodes.

Enter KWCode

After pressing KWCodes, the stored contact with the corresponding speed dial will be called.


Example list for speed dials:

Speed DiaNameNumber

If you have dialed 1 on the phone and pressed the KWCodes  key as in the previously described way, a call to the desired number will be established directly.


Speed dial with add-on module

If your telephone has an add-on module, the speed dials will (by standard Chef-Sec-function) be displayed on the second page of the module.
You can switch pages by pressing the built-in keys 1 and 2.
In order to call a speed dial, simply press the key on the add-on module, and the call will be made.

last changed on 11/22/2023

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