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Use of telephony during the migration

Use of telephony during the migration


As soon as your access has been registered in the new Cisco telephone system, it will continue to exist in parallel in the old Alcatel telephone system until it has been finally dismantled by the administration.

The following information will help you to better understand the condition and ensure your personal accessibility.

Usually the IT Center tries to keep the migration period as short as possible.


Outgoing calls

You can make calls with your number from any telephone assigned to you, regardless of whether it is connected to the Cisco or Alcatel telephone system. There are no restrictions here

Incoming calls

Your phone number is now registered in both telephone systems. Basically, the following applies:

external callCall is directed to your number in the Alcatel telephone system
internal call from the Alcatel  telephone systemCall is directed to your number in the Alcatel telephone system
internal call from the Cisco telephone systemCall is directed to your number in the Cisco telephone system

Ensure accessibility in only one telephone system

Accessibility required
necessary setting
on a telephone in the Alcatel  telephone system
without an active telephone in the Cisco telephone system

Activate forwarding in the TK portal for no telephone registered to:
705 <your 5-digit extension>

This standard setting is made when you register
to ensure that it can be reached.
on a telephone in the Alcatel telephone system
with active telephone in the 
Cisco telephone system
Activate forwarding in the TC portal  for all calls to:
705 <your 5-digit extension>
on the phone in the Cisco telephone systemProgram a call diversion immediately on your Alcatel phone by entering:
* 11 706 <your 5-digit extension>
This setting is made by the field service when dismantling
your Alcatel phone.

Notes during the migration phase (as long as your phone number is active in both telephone systems)

  • If you already want to work in the home office:
    • Activate one or more Jabber client softphones in the  TK portal  in the expanded view.
    • Install the appropriate software on the desired device.
    • Program a call diversion on your Alcatel phone as indicated above. 
  • When you return to work:
    • Decide in which telephone system you want to be reachable.
    • Program a call forwarding according to the table above.

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