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Forwarding using the TK-Portal

Forwarding using the TK-Portal


The most comfortable option for setting up call forwarding is to do it directly in the TK-Portal.

To do this, navigate to the TK-Portal and click on the slider (1) under Forwarding and then on the gear wheel (2) to the right of it. A new window will open.Weiterleitungen 1
In this window you have the possibilities to set up forwardings for different states:
  • all calls
  • calls received when line is busy
  • unreceived calls
  • calls during no network coverage
  • calls while no phone is registered
  • There are always two target options (Voice
There are always two destination options (voicebox or a target number)
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If you select the call not received, you can also select a time limit, after which a given call will count as not received.
The 4 second steps for this option are roughly equivalent to one ring of the phone.
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