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Recording an Individual Greeting for the Voicebox (Android)

Recording an Individual Greeting for the Voicebox (Android)


A default voicebox greeting is a standard greeting. If you want to record an individual greeting, please follow the steps below.

Click on the profile icon to access the menu.
Press the voicemail button to access the voicebox. 

  Das Bild zeigt das Jabber Menü auf Android

Click on the corresponding symbol (1) to access the configuration menu.

Das Bild zeigt das Symbol "Sprachbox anrufen"

Follow the instructions:

  • enter your voicebox PIN and confirm with "#"
  • press 4 to choose set-up options 
  • press 1 to change the greeting
  • choose a greeting language
  • choose a kind of the greeting you want to record
  • press 1 for recording

last changed on 11/22/2023

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