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Forwarding using CISCO Jabber (Android)

Forwarding using CISCO Jabber (Android)


CISCO Jabber (Android)
You can access call forwarding by clicking on your initials (1) in the top left corner of the app.
Then click on the Settings item (2).
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Select the Call forwarding item there.Weiterleitungen Android 2
You have the following 3 options:
  1. Do not foward calls (deactivates current forwarding)
  2. Voice box (forward to voice box)
  3. New number (forward to target number)
  • XXXXX (RWTH number)
  • external numbers with leading 0 (0151xxxxxxxx)
  • or external number in the E.164-Format (+49151xxxxxx)
After entering the number, press save.
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After entering the forwarding, it will be marked by the forwarding icon (1) in the Calls tab.
In addition, theforwarding destination (2) is displayed at the top of this tab.

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