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Information on Standard Equipment per Office

Information on Standard Equipment per Office


At least one telephone terminal (desk phone) must be set up and connected per office room. This is a prerequisite, even if the user only uses softphone telephony.

Background: The IT Center offers a wide range of telecommunication options with its desk phones and soft clients. For security reasons, RWTH Aachen University has decided that each office must have a desk phone so that, for example, emergency services can be called via 110, 112 or 113 (college guard) if necessary.

The telephone terminals and corresponding configurations ensure constant operability, security and accessibility. If, for example, a work computer is down or is undergoing an update, each office can be reached by telephone in urgent cases. The IT Center recommends more than one telephone terminal per office so that the number of devices provides a certain degree of redundancy in the event that a device should fail at short notice.

last changed on 06/11/2024

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