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Telephone numbers

Telephone numbers


On this page you will find an explanation of the information displayed.

This table provides an overview of the phone numbers assigned to your organisational units.

All columns are displayed by default. The view can be customised via the menu (bottom right) "Columns".

Telephone number             Displays the telephone number
OrganisationDisplays the organisation to which the phone number is assigned
Status FreeTelephone numbers with the status "Free" are not yet assigned to a user or telephone and can be freely assigned
 ActiveTelephone numbers with the status "Active" are assigned to a user via a registration or configured on a telephone
Telephone system Alcatel Phone number is entered in the Alcatel telephone system
 CUCM Phone number is entered in the new Cisco telephone system (CUCM).
InfoThe information displayed for the phone numbers entered in the CUCM is whether it is the personal phone number of a person or that of a phone.
CommentThe comments entered for the phone are displayed in the comment column.

last changed on 04/23/2024

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