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Import your own .p12 file in the Windows certificate store

Import your own .p12 file in the Windows certificate store


You can configure Outlook to send digitally signed and/or encrypted e-mails.

These instructions were created using Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 (Latest update 23.04.2020).


Internet Explorer and Outlook both use the Windows certificate store. This means that if you have used IE to create your certificate application to the DFN-PKI and imported your certificate into IE, you can skip this step of "importing your .p12 into the windows certificate store", cause it is already there. Make sure that your IE and Outlook are on the same physical computer, if not first transfer the file and then do the import.
p12 Outlook en 1

Find and execute own .p12 file. This launches the Windows "Certificate Import Wizard".


p12 Outlook en 2

p12 Outlook en 3

The file was preselected.

p12 Outlook en 4
  • This is the password you set when creating the .p12 file.
  • If you select "strong private protection" you will have to enter the above password every single time you send a digitally signed e-mail.
  • "Mark key as exportable" is optional, but useful if you haven't decided on the safe and redundant place to store your .p12 yet.
p12 Outlook en 5
p12 Outlook en 6
p12 Outlook en 7

last changed on 03/27/2023

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