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Importing your own .p12 file into the Windows certificate store

Importing your own .p12 file into the Windows certificate store


To be able to sign documents electronically or send signed or encrypted e-mails, you must first import your personal user certificate into the Windows certificate store.

To do so, please search fo the certificate file on your computer and execute it with a double mouse click:

p12 Outlook en 1

This will launch the Certificate Import Wizard:

p12 Outlook en 2

In the next step, you are to choose a certificate file. In your case, the file has already been chosen:

p12 Outlook en 3

Next, enter the password you have set when creating the .p12 file.

Choose import options:

  • If you select "strong private protection", you will have to enter the above password every single time you send a digitally signed e-mail.
  • Choose "Mark key as exportable" to be able to generate a .p12 file from the Windows certificate store.
    • It is optional, but useful if you save your .p12 file in the Windows certificate store only.

p12 Outlook en 4

Choose a certificate store:

p12 Outlook en 5

Click "Finish" to start the certificate import:

p12 Outlook en 6

Click OK to complete the procedure:

p12 Outlook en 7

last changed on 10/16/2023

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