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E-mail Lifecycle for and E-mail Addresses

E-mail Lifecycle for and E-mail Addresses


Personal e-mail addresses, usually in the form (or older e-mail addresses in the form, can be used for a lifetime.

An e-mail lifecycle is used to deactivate e-mail addresses that are no longer used and thus conserve resources.

The lifecycle only affects personal e-mail addresses of users who do not have an active status on RWTH Aachen.

The handling and further use of business e-mail addresses is decided independently by the respective issuing institute.


Process E-Mail-Lifecycle

If you have not logged into the mailbox for 6 months, you will be prompted by e-mail (to this mailbox) to log in to confirm receipt of the account. By logging into the mailbox again, the process will be interrupted (until you have not logged in again for 6 months).

If you do not respond to this mail, you will be reminded again after one month. If you do not log in for another month, the account will be deactivated. The mailbox will be kept for another 2 months after receiving the first mail.

Note: Here you can find assistance if you have problems accessing the mailbox: How can I login if I have forgotten my password?

Here you can see a schematic representation of the process:


If you no longer know your access data after leaving the company, you can read here how access can be restored:

How can I login if I have forgotten my password?

last changed on 10/16/2023

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