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Outlook (Exchange)

Outlook (Exchange)

Be aware of the Particularities with Outlook 2019


1. Opening e-mail options

Start → Control Panel → E-Mail


2. Creating a new account

Create a new account using the button E-mail Accounts.

Create a new e-mail account with ”New ...”.


3. Entering contact information

Select the item E-mail Account, enter your name, your e-mail address and your password for your e-mail account and click Next. 


At this point, your e-mail address has to be entered in the form of or in the form of if you want to set up an employee mail account.


4. Entering username and password

Once your e-mail address is displayed in the following window, please click on More choices

Choose More choices and than Use a different account and enter the following data: resp.

Password: Your password for the e-mail account


Functional e-mail address

When you're creating a functional e-mail address (e.g., please make sure the user data look as follows: <--- refer to mentioned sample

Password: Your password for the e-mail account

To save the login data please check the box Remember my credentials.


5. Finishing setup

By clicking Finish, your account will be set up and can be used.


After the setup you have to restart Outlook.

After restarting Outlook, the account can be used. If the option Remember my credentials is not chosen, the credentials have to be entered in every session.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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