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Setting up e-mail on Android 11.x - 13.x (Exchange)

Setting up e-mail on Android 11.x - 13.x (Exchange)


1. Open the Andoid Settings

Open the settings and select "Accounts".

Android settings accounts


2. Add Account

Click on the button "Add account".

at the bottom select add account

3. Exchange

Select the account option"Exchange".

select exchange


4. E-Mail-Adresse

Insert you email address. The Button "Set up manually" takes you to the configuration settings.

insert email address then set up manualy


5. Configuration settings

The following Configuration settings have to be done.

Password: Your password for the corresponding email account

Username: (e.g. respectively


Ass SSL-Port use "443" .

With a final click on "Next" your account will be set up.

E-Mail configuration

last changed on 03/27/2023

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