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Outlook 365

Outlook 365

You can download Outlook 365 as a part of the Office package from the page using your RWTH student or employee access.

If you have issues in Step 4 have a look here: Particularities with Outlook 2019/Outlook 365


1. Open E-Mail Settings

Start the system and click on File.

Select "File" in the ribbon

2. Set up E-Mail Accounts

The option Add Account allows you to connect a new e-mail account to outlook.

Choose the option "Add Account"


3. Enter your E-Mail-Address

The previous step opens a window for entering your e-mail address. Afterward, click on Connect.

While doing this, please note that...

  • personal e-mail addresses must be entered as "", and
  • staff e-mail addresses must be entered as "<firstname.lastname>*"
    • every institute decides themselves how names are specified in the mail accounts (before the @)

Enter your e-mail address into the field

4. Choose Account Type

    When asked to choose the account type, select Exchange.

    Select the account type "Exchange"

    4. Enter your Username and Password

    In order to enter your username and password, first click on More choices.

    Select "More choices" instead of entering a password

    Click on Use a different account.

    Select the option to use a different account

    and enter your login data for your e-mail account as follows:

    • Username: or
      • If you are setting up a single-function e-mail adress (e.g., please enter the username as:
    • Password: the password of your respective RWTH-E-Mail-Account

    You can now enter your normal e-mail login information

    By checking the box, you can ask outlook to save your login data for future logins.

    Finally, by clicking on OK, your account is set up and ready for use after restarting outlook once.

    If you did not check the box as mentioned above, your login data will need to be entered each time you start outlook..

    A confirmation that the account has been added successfully

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