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Permanent mailbox access

Permanent mailbox access

Right-click on your mailbox to open the menu item “Folder Permissions”. 

Delegation 5

In the new window you can add persons and adjust their permissions individually.

  • (1) Here you can select the person, whom you want to have permanent access to your mailbox, from your address register.
  • (2) Here you can chose the authorization level.
  • (3) The settings of the authorization level are displayed here. If necessary you can change or adjust the permissions yourself.
  • (4) The “Folder visible” option must be checked, if you want the selected person to be able to access your mailbox or folders.
  • (5) To finish your settings, click “Apply” and “OK”. Your delegate does now have permanent access to your mailbox.

Delegation 6

The entitled person can now integrate your mailbox in Outlook.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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