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Functional e-mail addresses

Functional e-mail addresses


Functional e-mail addresses within the institute-domain (e.g. are locally taken care of by your IT contact person of your facility.

Functional e-mail addresses in the @RWTH mail domain e.g. can be applied for at the IT-ServiceDesk. Be aware that the application for "global", functional e-mail addresses will first be validated from the IT Center.

A functional account is assigned to an owner and connected to the owner's data in the Identity Mangement.

If the owner ist not a member of the RWTH anymore, the functional account should be transferred to another owner in time.



The user name within the functional e-mail addresses consists of the e-mail address and the preceding "fkt_"


Please note:

User names are only for logging into you e-mail accounts. It is not possible to send e-mails to your user names.

The password is the given password for the appropriate account ""RWTH-E-Mail" in the Selfservice.

If the functional e-mail address should be used by multiple people, this can be set up by the owner of the address via the delegate access.

Please note:

This is only valid, if your official address is hosted on the central exchange system of the IT Center. In case of any doubts, please ask your IT contact person within your facility.

last changed on 03/22/2023

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