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Create and delete Distribution Groups

Create and delete Distribution Groups


Via the menu item "Create distribution group" one can create new distribution groups.

Please Note:

External mail addresses in distribution groups on the central Exchange

It is not possible to create distribution groups on the central Exchange, that include external mail addresses. These distribution groups have to be created via the Mailman.


The following data has to be entered when creating a distribution group:

  • Display name
  • E-Mail / Sender address
  • Alias (optional)
  • Shown in address book
  • Owners

By clicking "Save" the distribution group is created immediately.

  • Alias
    • An e-mail alias is an alternative e-mail address that points to an existing user account.


The user "" wants to receive e-mails sent to "" as well.

If you create "" as an e-mail alias for "", the e-mails of both accounts will be delivered to the same inbox.

Any number of aliases can be created for an existing e-mail address.

Please note:

Notice that creating an alias that does not not belong to the domain is not possible!

Sample address:

  • possible alias:
  • invalid alias:
  • Shown in address book
    • With this option it is possible to include the distribution group in the Outlook-clients' address book and in the RWTH-Mail-App (OWA).
  • Owners
    • An owner is a person who manages the distribution group primarily.

Please Note:

Only mailaccounts of the same maildomain can be chosen as owners! 


Deleting a distribution group

To delete a distribution group, one has to disable it first.

Under "Disabled distribution groups", one can restore or delete the distribution group completely.

A restoration of a distribution group which has been completely deleted is not possible.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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