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Create Personal mailbox

Create Personal mailbox


Via the menu item "Create account" you are able to create new mailaccounts.

Therefore a mailaccount type has to be chosen.

create personal mailacc 1


A personal mailbox is made for use by a natural person.

The following data has to be entered when creating a personal mailbox:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-Mail / Sender address
  • Alias (optional)
  • Redirecting option
  • Redirecting address (optional)
  • Quota pool
  • Allocated storage

The picture shows step 2 in the process "New mail account"

  • Alias
    • An e-mail alias is an alternative e-mail address that points to an existing user account.


The user "" wants to receive e-mails sent to "" as well.

If you create "" as the email alias for "", the emails from both email addresses (recipient email addresses) will be sent to the same inbox.

Any number of aliases can be created for an existing e-mail address.

Please note:

Sample address:

  • possible alias:
  • invalid alias:
  • Distribution groups
    • In this field you can enter membership in one ot more distribution groups 
  •  Redirecting option
    • The option local storage only means that no e-mails will be forwarded.
    • The option redirect only is the usual forwarding feature to another e-mail address. Your e-mails will not be available in the original mailbox anymore.
    • The option both means that your e-mails will be forwarded to another e-mail address and stored in the original mailbox.
  • Redirecting address
    • In this box you can enter an e-mail address, to which your e-mails will be forwarded.
  • Quota pool
    • By clicking the arrow on the right end of the box you can choose the quota pool where the data of the mailaccount shall be saved.
  • Allocated storage
    • ​​​​​​​The available storage for the mailaccount can be determined here.

After entering the information needed, it is possible to connect the personal mailbox to an existing username (format: ab123456) from the Identity Management.
create mailaccount

If the connection with the Identity Management is etablished immediately, a confirmation mail for creating a new personal mailbox will be send to the contact e-mail address of the username (format: ab123456).

If the connection with the Identity Management is not etablished immediately, it has to be done subsequently by the person that will use the personal mailbox.

To do so the Coupon-Code that is generated in the last step has to be redeemed at During this process the user also submits their username (format: ab123456).

create mailaccount 4

last changed on 15.07.2021

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