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Edit Personal mailbox

Edit Personal mailbox



  • Alias

An e-mail alias is an alternative e-mail address that points to an existing user account.


The user "" wants to receive e-mails sent to "" as well.

If you create "" as an e-mail alias for "", the e-mails of both accounts will be delivered to the same inbox.

Any number of aliases can be created for an existing e-mail address.

Please note:

Sample address:

  • possible alias:
  • invalid alias:
  •  Redirecting option:
    • The option local storage only means that no e-mails will be forwarded.
    • The option redirect only is the usual forwarding feature to another e-mail address. Your e-mails will not be available in the original mailbox anymore.
    • The option both means that your e-mails will be forwarded to another e-mail address and stored in the original mailbox.
  • Redirecting address:

In this box you can enter an e-mail address, to which your e-mails will be forwarded.


  • Quota pool:

By clicking the arrow on the right end of the box you can choose the quota pool where the data of the mailaccount shall be saved.


  • Allocated storage:

The available storage for the mailaccount can be determined here.

After entering the information needed, it is possible to connect the personal mailbox to an existing username (format: ab123456) from the Identity Management.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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