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Login RWTH MailApp (Webmailer/OWA)

Login RWTH MailApp (Webmailer/OWA)


Login Students, Employees

Open the RWTH MailApp (OWA):

Username: <ab123456>@rwth-aachen.deUsername: <ab123456>*
Password: RWTH SERVICE account in SelfservicePassword: RWTH SERVICE account in Selfservice

*"institut" means the abbreviation of your institute

Note: Occasionally, there are mail domains in institutes that deviate from the above notation. However, the principle of logging in via the corresponding RWTH SERVICE account in the Selfservice is always identical.


Please note that the usernames (e.g.: are not email addresses and cannot receive mails. Each username has a corresponding email address (e.g.: -->


Functional Accounts

Functional accounts
Username: fkt_<xyz>*
Password: RWTH SERVICE Account in Selfservice

last changed on 07/14/2022

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