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Mail accounts

Mail accounts


The menu item Mail accounts displays all active mail accounts that belong to the chosen domain (e.g.


  • One can search for active mail accounts using the search field (1). 
  • The column Actions (2) offers the options of editing or deactivating the mail accounts.
  • The column Status (3) shows the inactivity status of mailboxes:
    • green (inactive for less that 90 days)
    • yellow (inactive between 90 and 180 days)
    • red (inactive more than 180 days) 
  • One can choose between the table view and the card view (4)...
  • ...and the coloums that should be shown (5)
  • To deactivate all accounts within a domain at once, one should mark all the accounts using the check box (6) an click on Deactivate (7)

Please note:

Deleted accounts can be restored via the menu item disabled accounts.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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