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Mail app Windows 10/11

Mail app Windows 10/11



Please note

Windows Mail App offers to test out a new version of Outlook. Be aware that it is not possible to configure an RWTH e-mail account in this application. It is also not possible to configute an RWTH e-mail account in the Mail App on Windows 11. Please use Outlook 365 instead.

The manual has been created on Windows 11 with Windows Mail version: 16005.14326.20970.0

To configure your mail account, please choose Add account under Accounts

Choose advanced settings (Erweitertes Setup on the screenshot)...

...and Exchange ActiveSync as an account type.

Enter your data:

  • E-mail address: or
  • Password for your RWTH-E-Mail Account
  • Username of your RWTH-E-Mail Account (e.g.: oder
  • Domain: can stay empty  
  • Server:
  • Account name of your choice

and click Sign In.


The account has been set up.

last changed on 05/21/2024

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