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Redirecting e-mails

Redirecting e-mails


By clicking on the different services in the selfservice, the properties of an account can be changed. Under the service "RWTH Service" you can e.g. set up an e-mail redirection.


First log in to the selfservice and change from the tab "Accounts and passwords". Select the RWTH Service Account.

If you have clicked on the account name, the account information will open and you can change your settings according to your liking. Enter the e-mail address you want next to the field "Redirecting". In the field "Options" you can choose the kind of redirection that you desire. Hereby are the following options available:

  • Save local:  The e-mails will not be redirected but send to the actual mailbox of your RWTH e-mail address.
  • Redirect: The received e-mails will be redirected to the other e-mail address that you set before, so that the original mailbox will not be available anymore and its memory can be secured. The e-mail address that should receive the e-mails has to be provided in the associated field next to "Redirecting".
  • Redirect and save local: With this option your e-mails will be redirected and secured in the original mailbox. The e-mail address that shall receive the e-mails has to be provided in the associated field next to "Redirecting".

Please note:

When redirecting your e-mails, the original return address will be preserved, because the e-mails are passed on by the RWTH-Server to another e-mail address. By doing so, it looks like the RWTH mailserver is sending e-mails via an external e-mail address and the e-mails won't be accepted. To avoid such a disorder, you can configure the inbox rules (e.g. OWA) instead of redirecting your e-mails, so that the e-mails are send after their delivery to the other e-mail address. In such a configuration the address will be registered as the return address and therefore will be accepted too.


last changed on 29.01.2021

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