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Redirecting e-mails

Redirecting e-mails


By clicking on the different services in the selfservice, the properties of an account can be changed. Under the service RWTH-E-Mail" you can e.g. set up an e-mail redirection.



With this type of redirection, the sender's information is retained. If you enter an e-mail address outside RWTH Aachen University as the redirection address, the recipient server may refuse to accept this e-mail. You can find detailed information about this in our IT Center Blog.



First, log in to Selfservice and select Accounts and Passwords under Account Overview. Click on the pencil icon in the RWTH e-mail line.

Editing RWTH Service account

The page with account information opens. Here you can enter the e-mail address to which incoming e-mails are to be redirected under the item Redirection. 

Under the item Options you can select the type of redirection you want. A distinction must be made between the following types:


Redirect configuration

Save locally:

  • E-mails are saved in the mailbox and not redirected. The "Redirect" field remains empty.


  • The received e-mails are redirected to another e-mail address so that they are not available in the original mailbox and do not occupy the storage space there. The e-mail address to which the e-mail is to be redirected must be entered in the "Redirection" field. The original e-mail is redirected here after the reception information has been processed and is not stored in the mailbox at all. The sending e-mail address remains unchanged.

Redirect and save locally:

  • In this option, the e-mails are redirected to another e-mail address and are saved in the original mailbox at the same time. The e-mail address to which the e-mails are to be redirected must be entered under "Redirection". The redirection takes place directly after processing the receiving information, not from the recipient's mailbox as a forwarding!

Please note:

In the case of a redirection, the original sender address is retained, as the emails are redirected from the RWTH server directly to another email address. In doing so, it looks as if the RWTH mail server is sending e-mails with an external e-mail address. This can lead to mails being rejected by the receiving mail server (redirection e-mail address), as the RWTH Aachen mail server does not have the right to send mails with any sender address, and the e-mails are not accepted.

To avoid this, you can configure the inbox rule (e.g. OWA) in such a way that the e-mails are forwarded to a different e-mail address after they have been received from the recipient's mailbox. In this configuration, an address is entered as the sender address. At the same time, the subject of the e-mail is changed. For the addressed mail system here, RWTH Aachen Mailsystem will send a mail with the sender address from this name range.

last changed on 09/26/2023

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