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Thunderbird (IMAP)

Thunderbird (IMAP)



If you want to change an existing account, please select the existing account and click Edit Account Settings.

This manual was created with Thunderbird version 91.2.0

1.  Set up a new account in Thunderbird

To do this, first go to the Home tab, then click on the menu item at the top right, and then click + New. Under the tab Existing e-mail account... you can start the setup.

Then, enter your name and e-mail address and click on "Set up manually".


2. Select the settings


The settings are as follows

ATTENTION: If it is an institute e-mail address, the user name and e-mail address will of course change according to your domain (e.g.: /

IMAP (Posteingangsserver)  
1PasswordYour RWTH-E-Mail-Account  password in the Selfservice
4SSL (Encryption)SSL/TLS
5AuthentificationPassword, normal (the username for the RWTH E-Mail Account in the Selfservice)
SMTP (Postausgangserver)
9SSL (Encryption)STARTTLS
10AuthentificationPassword, normal (the username for the RWTH-E-Mail-Account in the Selfservice)

last changed on 03/21/2023

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