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Remove Mail Accounts

Remove Mail Accounts


Mail accounts can be completely deleted via MailAdm by the mailadministrators.

This manual describes the process of deleting of mail accounts.


1. Disabling the maibox

Disable the mailbox as usual.

2. Deleting the account

"Delete" the required account on the disabled accounts list ("Mail" → "Disabled accounts").

Deleting an account

3. Confirmation code

A confirmation code will be sent to the contact e-mail address of the mail domain administrator.

Enter the confirmation code under "Mail" → "Delete account".

The picture shows the MailAdm option "Delete mail account"

4. Finally, the mailbox will be deleted automatically in all systems (Exchange and Identity Management).

Starting from this point of time, you cannot restore the mail account anymore.

It make take up to 10 minutes before the account is deleted.

Account is marked as deleted.

During this time, the status of the account in IdentityAdmin is "deleted".


last changed on 11/07/2022

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