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Integrating Rooms and Equipment in OWA

Integrating Rooms and Equipment in OWA

For owners and users with full access to rooms and equipment the respective inbox will automatically be embedded in the Outlook client, if Autodiscover is activated.

In the RWTH-Mail-App (OWA) this won't happen automatically, rooms and equipment have to be embedded subsequently.


To add a room or equipment inbox, click on the user icon in the app (on the upper right side) and then choose "Open another mailbox...".

  • The condition for embedding rooms and equipment: they have to be visible in the address book.
  • To open the resource mailbox, use the associated e-mail address in the form
  • The other mailboxes are opened as a new tab in the RWTH mail app (OWA).

To open more inboxes, please go through the process again


last changed on 03/27/2023

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