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Opening and integrating a mailbox

Opening and integrating a mailbox


As delegate, you need to open the inbox of the person you are representing on every occasion, if you want to have access to it. 

For this reason we advise integrating the mailbox into your Outlook client.

You can remove the integrated mailbox any time.


Note: How to share the mailbox with other users can be found here: Permanent mailbox access

Opening a mailbox

To open a shared mailbox, select “Open” under the tab “File”. Click on “Other User’s Folder”.

Delegation 7

Enter the name of the person, whose mailbox you want to open, in the new window and press “OK”. The other person’s mailbox will be visible now.


The mailbox of this person closes as soon as you click on a different module or your mailbox. To open it again, you have to repeat the process.

Integrating a mailbox

Open the module “File” and click on “Account Settings”.

Delegation 9

The window “Account Settings” opens. Click on your e-mail address and select “Change…”.

Delegation 10

Another window opens. Click on “More Settings…”

Delegation 11

Select the tab “Advanced” and then click “Add…” to integrate a mailbox.

* If a mailbox is going to be used by three or more people, we recommend unchecking the option "Download shared folders".

Delegation 12

Enter the name of the person, whose mailbox you want to integrate and confirm your entry by clicking “OK”. The name alone is sufficient here if it can be found on the exchange server. If this is not the case, an error message appears.

Delegation 13

Press “OK” to confirm your settings. The Microsoft Exchange window closes and the mailbox has been integrated.

Delegation 14

Removing an integrated mailbox

To remove the mailbox, you proceed as described before, until you can remove the mailbox in the Microsoft Exchange window.

Delegation 15

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