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Sharing mailboxes

Sharing mailboxes


There are several scenarios in which it makes sense to share mailbox content between colleagues. There are different approaches here:

  1. Delegating access:
    This option is normally configured for personal mailboxes. In this case, the configuration of the delegated rights is the responsibility of the person who wants to define a delegate for their mailbox. Within this configuration, you can determine which rights the delegate should have and for which folders.
  2. Setting up full access rights:
    When using functional mailboxes, you usually want to delegate the processing of mail content to one or more colleagues. Functional mailboxes can be used to link a mailbox to a different identity due to changes in responsibilities in the respective institution.
  3. Manually configure access rights:
    If you do not want to configure delegated access or full access to a mailbox, you can explicitly assign access rights to individual folders in the mailbox.


  1. Delegating access:
    deputy rights can usually be configured via Outlook.
    To do this, start Outlook and then call up the menu item “File” with the option “Account settings” - “Delegate Access”:

In the first dialog box, select the colleague who is to receive the delegated rights to your mailbox. Once you have done this, you can determine the user rights with which this person should have access to your mailbox in a second step.

If you assign “Author” rights for the “Inbox”, your delegate can also send emails in their name. Due to several mail header fields, this mail is displayed to the recipient with the attachment “[...] on behalf of [...]”.

Your delegate now only needs to integrate your mailbox into their own Outlook profile and can access your mailbox content in accordance with the configured rights. If further folders and their contents are to be made available to the delegate, access rights must be explicitly configured for this. To do this, select the folder for which you want to configure permissions and then open the “Settings” - “Permissions” tab.


To integrate a mailbox for which you have been granted delegated rights, please proceed as follows:

Select the menu item “File” - “Account settings” - “Account settings”.

There, select your mailbox with which you have been granted rights to a delegated mailbox.

Then select "Change" - "Further settings" - "Advanced".

The “Download shared folders” setting is selected by default. In the past, it has been shown that it is better to deactivate this option in the case of shared mailboxes.

  1. Setting up full access right:
    You can also configure delegated rights in the case of functional mailboxes that several colleagues should be able to access. However, it is easier to make these changes via MailAdm.

    In MailAdm, however, you only have the option of defining “Full access” for the entire mailbox and the “Send as” right for the functional mailbox for reasons of simplification.
    The “Full access” right includes the right to access the entire mailbox content of the functional mail account.

In the case of the “Send as” right, the person for whom this right is configured can send emails with the sender address of the functional mailbox. In contrast to the delegated rights, the recipient of this email can no longer trace who originally sent the email, as the attachment “[...] on behalf of [...]” is not included, only the sender address of the functional mailbox.

As soon as full access rights are configured, the mail account no longer needs to be explicitly included, but is automatically opened in the Outlook profile when a person with full access rights logs into the email system. In this case, it is also important that the “Download shared folders” option is deactivated.

  1. Manually configure access rights:
    You can also explicitly assign access rights without having previously assigned delegated rights or full access rights (in the case of functional mailboxes). However, to ensure that the people for whom you have configured access rights can access their mailbox, you must assign at least the “Folder visible” user right at mailbox level.

This setting means that folders to which a person has access are displayed in the case of the integrated mailbox. If this permission is missing, no folders of the mailbox can be displayed regardless of the individual permissions configured for the folders. Please also note that folder permissions are inherited by newly created subfolders.

last changed on 04/25/2024

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