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Sharing calendar (OWA)

Sharing calendar (OWA)


Please note:

In OWA – as opposed to Outlook – you can also assign permissions to view a calendar to e-mail accounts which are not part of your own e-mail domain, as long as both domains are listed in the central exchange of the University!

The authorization level "None" should be set for the "Standard" user, otherwise every user of the central mail server can view the calendar. If you want only people from your own institute to be able to see appointments, you should definitely take action.

Option 1 - Sharing a Calendar in the Outlook Web App

1. After the login, click on the module “Calendar” in the menu in the top left corner and select "Share".

OWA Permissions 1

2. Enter the person with whom you want to share your calendar. Select, which permissions this person should have and which calendar should be shared.

If you want, you can also change the subject of the sharing e-mail. Click "Send" to send the e-mail.

OWA Permissions 2

Option 2 - Sharing a Calendar via a web link

The OWA also offers the possibility to share a calendar via a web link. With this option, the calendar can also be viewed outside of the central exchange.

Please note:

  • This option can only be set up via the OWA and only for functional mailboxes.
  • Sharing a calendar from a personal mailbox is not possible due to data protection.

1. To set up calendar sharing, first, log into the OWA with the credentials of your functional mailbox.

You can find the username in the self-service under the tab Accounts and Passwords in the column username "RWTH-E-Mail-Account").

If needed, the password of the functional mailbox can also be changed there.

OWA Permissions 3

2. Now, click on the gear icon (1) at the top left corner of the window and select the options tab (2).

OWA Permissions 4

In the options under Calendar -> Shared calendars you will find the Calendar publishing (1)

Under Select permissions, select the Availability only (2) configuration and click Save (3).

OWA Permissions 5

The calendar can now be viewed via the generated web links.

OWA Permissions 6

Please note:

Calendars shared via web links can only be viewed but not edited.


Editing Sharing Permissions

Please note:

You can only access and edit existing permissions via the “Calendar Permissions” in OWA. It is not possible, as in Outlook, to assign new permissions.

1. To edit permissions, right-click your calendar in the left-hand column and select "Permissions".

OWA Permissions 7

2. To change the authorisation level of a person or to delete a person and their permissions, click on the person and select the new permission you want to apply in the drop-down list.

To delete a permissin, click the "x".

OWA Permissions 8


Open a Calendar

1. To add a calendar, right-click on "Other Calendars" in the left-hand column and select "Open Calendar".

OWA Permissions 9

2. Enter the name of the person whose calendar you would like to open under “From directory”

OWA Permissions 10

3. The calendar opens and is shown in the left-hand column.

OWA Permissions 11


Deleting a Calendar

To delete an existing calendar, right-click on it and select “Remove”.

OWA Permissions 12


Integrating an Inbox

To integrate or open an inbox in the OWA, you need to click on your mailbox in the top right corner and select “Open another mailbox”.

OWA Permissions 13

Enter the name of the person, whose inbox you want to open, and click "Open".

OWA Permissions 14

The integrated inbox can now be found in the left column under your own mailbox.


last changed on 03/27/2023

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