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AppleMail IMAP (13.X)

AppleMail IMAP (13.X)


This manual describes how to integrate a RWTH mail address into AppleMail via IMAP/POP3. AppleMail version 13.4 was used.


1. start AppleMail and add another account ⇒ mail account (via "Mail" ⇒ "Accounts", if the wizard does not start automatically)

2. enter e-mail address, name and password for the RWTH Service Account

3. set the user name and server settings

E-Mail-Addressyour RWTH mail address (*)
UsernameYour RWTH Service Account (*)
PasswordYour RWTH Service Account password
Account-typeIMAP (or POP3 if needed)
Server for incoming
Server for outgoing e-mails

*For institute e-mail addresses please use your own domain (e.g.:


4. (OPTIONAL) Check SMTP server settings

If the transmission does not work at this time, please check the outgoing e-mail server settings (SMTP) under

Mail ⇒ settings ⇒ server settings (of the corresponding account)

Uncheck Manage connection settings automatically.

Accountyour account description
UsernameYour RWTH Service account (*)
PasswordYour RWTH Service Account password

587 / Set the box for using TLS/SSL


last changed on 07/14/2022

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